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Recommended Resources for Hair and Eyelash Pulling

I cannot emphasize enough how much reading can help you in your Trichotillomania treatment, so I have started a list of recommended resources for hair and eyelash pullers. You should read to be more informed about your condition and the various possibilities for treatment. But you should also read for inspiration and to help guide Read more about Recommended Resources for Hair and Eyelash Pulling[…]

Reiki as hair pulling treatment

Can we use Reiki as hair and eyelash pulling treatment? Reiki is a spiritual practice used also as alternative therapy, which, in combination with other treatments, can help in solving physical, emotional and mental conditions such as hair pulling. It originated in Japan in late 800’s under Master Mikao Usui, who asserted that everyone of Read more about Reiki as hair pulling treatment[…]

Using visualization in eyelash pulling treatments

The indispensible first step to getting the things that you want out of life is this: decide what you want. – Ben Stein Visualization is a powerful tool that many successful athletes, businessmen and leaders use on a regular basis. It consists of picturing exactly what you want in order to help you get it. Read more about Using visualization in eyelash pulling treatments[…]

Yoga, Meditation and Breathing in Eyelash Pulling Treatments

Yoga and meditation are not only natural ways to deal with stress, but they are the perfect mix of spiritual and bodily health to support your eyelash pulling treatment. If you meditate regularly, once a day, the calming benefits spill over into the rest of your day. Aim to meditate at the same time everyday, Read more about Yoga, Meditation and Breathing in Eyelash Pulling Treatments[…]

How to Use Journaling in Curing Hair Pulling

There are many different methods that you can use on your own to help in your treatment for hair and eyelash pulling. Every person is different, so methods will have differing results depending on the person, so we recommend you try different methods to see which one works for you. Try visualization, journalizing, and mediation. All Read more about How to Use Journaling in Curing Hair Pulling[…]

7 Tips to Stop Hair and Eyelash Pulling

As I get more and more involved in discussing my eyelash pulling condition with others through my work with hair and eyelash pulling treatments I realize that ‘normalizing’ a situation that I had been hiding for years is a very important step in treating trich. Funny thing is, I’m getting involved NOW because I’m actually Read more about 7 Tips to Stop Hair and Eyelash Pulling[…]

HD Eyebrows for Eyebrow Pullers

I’ve been in touch with Carmen from Lashdrama who has been telling me about HD eyebrow embroidery (micropigmentation) which gives you permanent 3D eyebrows. She deals with a lot of customers that suffer from eyebrow pulling. This is a wonderful solution to replace eyebrows while dealing with eyebrow trich and while going through treatment for Read more about HD Eyebrows for Eyebrow Pullers[…]

Hair and eyelash pulling support

We are pleased to promote the new Trich Stop Facebook Community. We know the importance of being part of a positive, supportive, empathetic community of hair pullers and ex hair pullers, and a Facebook community is the perfect place to share. Please join us for regular support, tips and inspiration. You are not alone!