Chemicals and Hair Pulling

After years battling trichotillomania and looking for a cure for hair pulling, I am more and more convinced that chemicals have an affect on my eyelash pulling condition. I have always felt that chemicals of any form ( in my food, in my environment and even in makeup) aggravate me and increase the urge to pull my hair out. After this past Halloween (see my post about makeup and eyelash pullers) I’m even more convinced about makeup increasing eyelash pulling. And now I’m even more convinced about food, especially processed food and food with high sugar content causing my urges to pull out my hair to increase. After a summer diet of healthy food I never had any urges to pull my hair. However, as the short days of winter set in and the hectic pace of back to school began I started eating less well. The sugar content went up in my diet and I slipped into a bad habit of relying on processed foods in a pinch. And what should return but my urges to pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows. I didn’t succomb, thanks to my trusty Trich Stop kit and my supply of Trich Stop hair growth oil, but I was tempted. And I am 100% sure that it was becasue of my diet. So my advice to anyone trying to find a cure for hair pulling or treating trichotillomania is to start by looking at your diet and cutting out any and all junk and treat yourself to natural diet to cure trichotillomania.

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