April 17, 2015

About Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil

The Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil Story

I get a lot of questions about how we make our Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil, what is in it and how it works. So I’d like to share with you the story behind Trich Stop Oil and it’s place in the Trich Stop System.

The Trich Stop Oil is a mix of over 12 different essential oils and plant essences that have been carefully researched and tested in order to best use the homeopathic, healing properties of plants for hair regrowth and to act as an important part of any hair pulling treatment.

The Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil is used to nourish the follicles and aid in healing and hair growth, to sooth and reduce that nagging itch and those very real urges to pull out your hair and as a behavior modification tool in cognitive behavior therapies for hair pulling.

While I was working through my own cure for hair pulling I looked for a long time for something to use to rub on the affected areas. But I could only find chemical treatments like Latisse and Nioxin. Finding no other solution I tried these, but found that while the rubbing action helped with behavior modification, the chemicals in these products irritated the follicles and actually made the urges worse. I really needed something all natural, but just couldn’t find what I was looking for.

The Trich Stop Oil came about because of my time spent in France, where using essential oils and homeopathic treatments are very much part of the health system (which, by the way, is rated the #1 health system in the world by the World Health Organization). You see, in France, because healthcare is paid for by the state, they do a lot of preventative and natural treatments. And homeopathic treatments are preventatives and natural low cost cures ‘par excellence’ (for example you are even given a prescription by the hospital for an olive oil solution to clean your baby’s bottom instead of chemically prepared wipes and lotions. And it’s amazing how well it works – no diaper rash AT ALL).

Based on this outlook and experience, and faced with my own hair and eyelash pulling issues, I began researching and testing the different essential oils and plant essences in order to put together my own hair pulling treatment and hair regrowth oil.

I tested oils and essences both found here in France, as well as from more exotic origins. In fact, there are quite a few plants whose essences both soothe irritated follicles as well as encourage hair growth.

I had also been looking into cognitive behavior to treat my hair pulling. So I also was looking for something that I could rub on my hotspots in order to change my behavior from hair pulling to stroking. This eventually became essential as an alternative action.

And then it hit me – this mix of all natural oils and plant essences would work threefold in my hair and eyelash pulling treatment. Not only would it heal and encourage hair growth, but it would also sooth that nagging itch and urge to pull my eyelashes and, on top of that, it would give me an alternative action to pulling out my eyelashes and hair.

Combining the curative, calming properties of natural, essential oils with the habit reversal training of stroking rather than pulling was magic for my eyelash pulling treatment. This was the day that it all came together and my true healing began.

To make Trich Stop Hair Oil, Firstly I harvest olives from our own olive orchard and take them to the local co-op mill that then makes olive oil for us. Then we make a ‘potpourri’ mixture of different herbs and plants that we grow here in our garden or source locally (rosemary, thyme, lavender, basil, peppermint, etc). We then let the olive oil ‘steep’ with these herbs for several months (if you have purchased the Trich Stop Oil you may find some pieces of these plants floating in the oil as we do not completely strain the oil).

Once we have our infused olive oil we add other organic essential oils and plant essences from further afield (borage, castor oil, etc) that we have purchased from a reputable organic supplier.

These are mixed together and are bottled in a vial. We don’t label our vials in order to ensure discretion. That way our customers can take it with them and use it discreetly without anyone reading a label that talks about hair pulling or Trichotillomania. And just a few drops are necessary morning, evening and whenever you feel the urge to pull your hair or eyelashes out.

So, that is it. Trich Stop Oil is a completely natural, 100% organic hair regrowth oil to use as a substitute for chemical based products such as Latisse or Nioxin for hair and eyelash growth and healing for hair and eyelash pulling.
Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you’d like more information about Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil.

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  • My daughter pulls out her eye lashes. She is 11. I am interested in getting information regarding the oil.

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