"Have you tried amino acids to curb the urge to pull?"

Are you looking for help to curb your urges to pull out your hair or eyelashes? Are you aware that certain amino acids such as N-acetylcysteine have been proven to help curb hair pulling and Trichotillomania urges?

Introducing the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement, provided especially with hair pullers in mind.  

I have found a 'NAC' amino acid supplement that will help you stop pulling your hair from the inside out.  If you  know that you want to stop your hair pulling and are looking for something to help, then please read the information below.

There is extensive research into how diet can help trich sufferers to control their urges and increase hair growth, supporting their on-going Trichotillomania treatment. From personal experience I found that indeed, what I put in my body had a profound affect on my hair pulling condition and the success of my treatment. Encouraged by this fact and the continued research that is available, I added the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement as part of the Trich Stop System and am pleased to make this available to hair pullers.

Whether you pull eyelashes, you pull eyebrows or you pull hair -  YOU CAN STOP PULLING YOUR HAIR OUT, and the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement will help you in doing so.

The Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement includes the amino acid N-acetylcysteine, which has been shown to greatly help in reducing urges to pull hair. According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health,  "Patients assigned to receive N-acetylcysteine had significantly greater reductions in hair-pulling symptoms as measured using the Massachusetts General Hospital Hair Pulling Scale and the Psychiatric Institute Trichotillomania Scale. Fifty-six percent of patients "much or very much improved" with N-acetylcysteine use compared with 16% taking placebo. Significant improvement was initially noted after 9 weeks of treatment." 

Now you can benefit from the N-acetylcysteine amino acid in the Trich Stop Amino Acid for hair pullers to reduce the urges to pull your hair out.
The 'Trich Stop' Stop Amino Acid Supplement
A 3 month supply for ONLY $29.97!! That’s right,  just $29.97!


N-acetylcysteine amino acids for hair pulling and Trichotillomania

I feel so strongly that you will benefit from the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement for hair pulling that I am prepared to give you a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! After all, my business is about helping you be SUCCESSFUL at not pulling your hair. So you see, you really have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!!

Our 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Keep the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement for 15 days.If you aren’t completely satisfied, then simply return it to us for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.

Here’s to your Success!







PS: Try the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement today and see your appearance improve in just a few weeks.

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