April 17, 2015

“Have you tried amino acids to curb the urge to pull?”

Are you looking for help to curb your urges to pull out your hair or eyelashes? Are you aware that certain amino acids such as N-acetylcysteine have been proven to help curb hair pulling, eyelash pulling and Trichotillomania urges?

Introducing the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement, provided especially with hair and eyelash pullers in mind.  

I have found a ‘NAC’ amino acid supplement that will help you stop pulling your hair from the inside out.

There is extensive research into how diet can help trich sufferers to control their urges and increase hair growth, supporting their on-going Trichotillomania treatment. From personal experience I found that indeed, what I put in my body had a profound affect on my hair pulling condition and the success of my treatment. Encouraged by this fact and the continued research that is available, I added the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement as part of the Trich Stop System and am pleased to make this available to hair pullers.

Whether you pull eyelashes, you pull eyebrows or you pull hair –  YOU CAN STOP PULLING, and the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement will help you in doing so.

The Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement includes the amino acid N-acetylcysteine, which has been shown to greatly help in reducing urges to pull hair. According to the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health,  “Patients assigned to receive N-acetylcysteine had significantly greater reductions in hair-pulling symptoms as measured using the Massachusetts General Hospital Hair Pulling Scale and the Psychiatric Institute Trichotillomania Scale. Fifty-six percent of patients “much or very much improved” with N-acetylcysteine use compared with 16% taking placebo. Significant improvement was initially noted after 9 weeks of treatment.” 

Now you can benefit from the N-acetylcysteine amino acid in the Trich Stop Amino Acid for hair and eyelash pullers to reduce the urges to pull.
The ‘Trich Stop’ Stop Amino Acid Supplement
A 3 month supply for ONLY $29.97!! That’s right,  just $29.97!


N-acetylcysteine amino acids for hair pulling and Trichotillomania

I feel so strongly that you will benefit from the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement for hair pulling that I am prepared to give you a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! After all, my business is about helping you be SUCCESSFUL at not pulling your hair. So you see, you really have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!!


Our 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Keep the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement for 15 days. If you change your mind, then simply return it to us for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.


Here’s to your Success!


PS: Try the Trich Stop Amino Acid Supplement today and see your appearance improve in just a few weeks.

PPS: If you still have questions send me an email to [email protected] or contact me on Skype. Or phone us on +33 6 45 86 92 86 (or just send us an email with your phone number and we’ll phone you back within 24 hours.)


What Other Have to Say

“Treatment is going well, the oil really calms my skin down but I still have to be careful and apply it regularly. I love the oil though and think it’s a great product.”

“I have tried a lot of things, and its been 50 years of pulling. It has stopped as of six weeks ago after using the kit… can’t thank you enough.”

Thanks Amy! I have been using the oil and vitamins for a few days now and have noticed a big improvement already.

“I just wanted to share how far I’ve come.  After paying thousands of dollars elsewhere, I’m amazed how the combination of your book, journaling, vitamins, and the oil has helped me to stay on track.  I have been taking the vitamins for the time of month, bc I felt myself getting antsy and analytic a few weeks back, so I have almost made it through that. I’ve even been able to get through the times that used to be high times for me, like driving home, watching tv on the couch, and completing work to meet deadlines, without it being a conscious effort. It’s a great feeling to come this far again, and I feel like I can go even further this time. I look in the mirror now and am happier with myself. I still analyze a little when the make up is gone, but it’s not a trance like I used to get sucked into.  I hit that little bump back in the day when I emailed you last feeling discouraged and like I wasn’t going to make it [and you worked with me through that] and here I am on day 45. It feels good and I just wanted to share my success so far. Thank you for sharing your method of success.”

“Thanks, Amy! I like the idea that when I have the urge the wiping motion is helpful. Thanks for being here for me. It is nice to know there are others and I am not a freak! …”

“Hi-I don’t usually leave feedback, but I feel I must for this product. It did work very well for me. I’m so pleased someone actually did the research and created a product that works, especially with sensitive eyes. I recommend this product to anyone who has an issue with pulling their eye lashes. Mine are growing in nice and thick and I no longer have irritation at the base of my lashes and therefore no urge to tug at my lashes.”
– Anon

“I have liked the oil to put on my eyelashes. I don’t always feel like I have something poking me in my eye anymore and I haven’t pulled on them since I got the kit! ”

“I purchased this product for my daughter who had been pulling her eyelashes out for several years. It is amazing but it worked!!! She now has beautiful lashes. She is thrilled and so am I. I would highly recommend it.”

“I tried the oil and it really worked. Thank you so much, after 35 years of pulling, with much effort, I can finally stop pulling!”

“Just purchased and read your manual, stunning read. :)”

“I really have been loving the oil I purchased from you.”

“I can’t believe I’ve stopped pulling!”

“I’ve FINALLY stopped pulling and my eyelashes have started to grow back in! Thank you!!!”

“Thanks again Amy for everything. My son and I chatted last night …he is feeling very hopeful which is wonderful.”

“The oil smells really nice!”

“Thank you very much Amy. I have received your email, have read it and will heed your advice. Thanks again.”

“Amy, Thank you so much. Your words, encouragement and support, not to mention the tools that you provide mean the world to me. We are finding some quiet space to begin this new approach and healing process today and I plan to share some of your thoughts from this email with her. I appreciate your support in sharing more with her about her condition. My “gut” was telling me do so and I just needed some affirmation that this was the next best approach. I like the use of the term condition (not disorder.) It will be more gentle to her. I may take advantage of the “buddy” system in the future. I am not on facebook but can visit the site using a friends password. Thank you again for your wisdom!”

“Hi Amy. Thank-you for checking up on me and seeing how I am doing, its feels good to have someone that has faith in me stopping. I am going pretty good. The last two days I have been under a lot of pressure and have noticed myself pulling a little but when I notice I am doing it I try so hard to stop the temptation by distracting myself. Other than those few times, I have not pulled since I have started using this kit. Thank-you heaps again. “

“My daughter loves the Hypnosis cd.”

“Thank you for touching base with me. So far I’m doing great with the program. I really like the oil.”

“Doing well. So far so good.”

“Things are going great so far. I always picked at my eyelashes and recently started with the eyebrows. I have been a puller for about 20 years and recently it has taken a big leap from bad to horrible. I tried everything from medication, counseling and hypnosis! It felt good to talk about it because I was embarrassed about it but it didn’t stop me from pulling. Medication sorta worked but I felt like a zombie!!! Hypnosis didn’t work at all. With the oil product I purchased, I put some on in the morning and the feeling to pull is lowered. BUT I pull more at night when I’m relaxing and watching TV!! So at night I put the bottle of oil in my pocket and put it on as I feel the urge to pull. So far it has worked and I’m feeling better about myself. My wife compliments me everyday and gives me the confidence boost I need. So far, I love it!!!! :)”

“Hi Amy. I can’t thank you enough for your for taking the time to answer all the issues and for getting back to me so quickly!! At first I thought it was going to be an automated response saying “we received your email and will get back to you”. So thank you, I really appreciate it! Thank you for your advice and support.”

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