Hair pulling in children

As a mother, I am particularly concerned about my own child pulling out their eyelashes or hair. I specifically remember pulling out my own eyelashes as a young child. But the most amazing thing to me is that my parents didn’t really even notice. And that is a wake up call to me now as a parent to be vigilant to the small, easily undetected signs that something might not be quite right. Even more of a reason that it’s important to me to get the Trich Stop system into the hands of more Trich sufferers. And not only the hair pullers, but the families of hair pullers. We get a lot of emails, requests and thoughts from the parents and families of young hair pullers and children that pull eyelashes and hair. And the happy thing for me is that the Trich Stop System is helping these young people. But the real thing that is helping them is the underlying support from their caring family and friends. SO, bravo to you if you are reading this in an attempt to find a solution for a family member. We encourage you to keep supporting them, to not judge, point fingers or tell them ‘just to stop’ and to look for structured help, whether it be counseling, a structured suytem like the Trich Stop System, or even better a combination of both.

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