April 17, 2015

Join the Trich Stop Community

Get Support and Stop Feeling So Alone

Do you suffer from hair or eyelash pulling? You are not alone. And we know the importance of being part of a positive, supportive, empathetic community of hair pullers and ex hair pullers.

Please do join the Trichotillomania Stop Community

Mini Trich Stop Manual

We believe that the Trich Stop System is the best thing out there to help hair and eyelash pullers put together their own personal program for treating Trichotillomania. We are so sure that we’d like to share with you both our outlook and approach as well as some tips and information that will help you get started. It’s like a mini trial! So please sign up for your FREE Mini Trich Stop Manual and see for yourself how the Trich Stop way of dealing with hair and eyelash pulling can help you.

Trich Stop Newsletter

And if you request it, we’ll also send you our Trich Stop Newsletter and you’ll receive no strings attached news, tips, inspiration and special offers. You’ll learn from the rest of the community and stop feeling isolated with your hair pulling condition.

Just enter your first name and email address in the box to the right and you’ll receive the mini guide plus our regular tips, information and support.

Trich Stop Facebook Page

Join the Trich Stop Facebook Page for regular support, tips and inspiration. You are not alone!

Trich Stop Buddy System

We’d also like to invite you to join our Trich Stop Buddy System. We all know how important a supportive community is for an effective treatment against hair and eyelash pulling. However we also know that even though there are a lot of us hair and eyelash pullers out there, it is often tough to find someone to share our experiences with that will ‘get it’ because they too suffer from hair pulling. So we have put a ‘Buddy System’ in place for the Trich Stop community. The concept is simple. If you’d like to be in touch with someone that you can contact whenever you are feeling the need for support, or just to say ‘hi’, then we’ll match you with someone who is also looking for a support buddy. You can then contact them directly and take it from there. If you find it useful and want to keep in touch you can, or if you decide it’s not for you, then that’s ok too.

This service is free of charge, and there are no strings attached, we just ask that you remain positive, upbeat and constructive. If you are interested, send the following information to [email protected]: name (first name only if you prefer), email address, where you pull, are you an ‘ex’ puller or still working through your treatment, age and any other information that you think would help us match you up.

If you have children who suffer from hair pulling I encourage you to either match them up with a buddy of their age (if they are of an appropriate age) and/or request to be matched with a parent of a child who suffers from Trich.

Working together with the Trich Stop System we CAN beat hair pulling!

Here’s to your success!



7 thoughts on “Join the Trich Stop Community

  • My son has started pulling his hair out at the top of his head, and a really noticeable thinning of the hair has started. He is a few months away from 7. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
    Kind regards

  • I hope I’m doing this right for the Mini Trich Stop Manual. I am so glad you mentioned stroking instead of pulling with the Oils because I am trying to do that whenever my hand goes there instead and my husband yells at me. He said I can’t even do that, but I will let him know. 😉 Thank you!!!

    • Hello Dawn
      I’m sending you the mini manual, and also our ‘Loved Ones’ Guide that you can give to your husband to help him understand. I hope that helps and let me know if you need anything else.

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