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My Resolution to Not Pull My Eyelashes Out

It’s the new year, and with it comes all of those high pressure resolutions. Not pulling my eyelashes out has been on my new years resolution list for just about 40 years now. Luckily, for the past few years it’s been a ‘maintenance’ resolution, meaning that I resolve to continue my good work of resisting Read more about My Resolution to Not Pull My Eyelashes Out[…]

Will My Hair Grow Back After I’ve Pulled It Out?

Being an ‘ex’ hair puller, I get this question a lot. “I pull my hair out, will it ever grow back?” The answer is ‘yes’, your hair will grow back. No matter how long you’ve been pulling your hair out, no matter how many times you’ve pulled your eyelashes out. Take it from me. I Read more about Will My Hair Grow Back After I’ve Pulled It Out?[…]

Curing Eyelash Pulling and Hair Pulling – What Happens When You Slip Up?

In my journey to stop hair pulling once of the most important realizations was that, like an ex-smoker, I would always be an ‘ex-hair puller’, never a ‘non-hair puller’. That I would always have hair pulling in my life and the earlier I acknowledged that fact the better chances I would have in curing my Read more about Curing Eyelash Pulling and Hair Pulling – What Happens When You Slip Up?[…]

Chemicals and Hair Pulling

After years battling trichotillomania and looking for a cure for hair pulling, I am more and more convinced that chemicals have an affect on my eyelash pulling condition. I have always felt that chemicals of any form ( in my food, in my environment and even in makeup) aggravate me and increase the urge to Read more about Chemicals and Hair Pulling[…]

Should eyelash pullers use mascara?

As an ex eyelash puller (and notice I say ‘ex’, because once you start pulling your eyelashes or hair you can only ever be an ‘ex-puller’ and never a ‘non-puller’ as you will have to always stay vigilant agains the urge to pull your hair), I am always wary of using mascara or eyeliner as Read more about Should eyelash pullers use mascara?[…]

Hair pulling in children

As a mother, I am particularly concerned about my own child pulling out their eyelashes or hair. I specifically remember pulling out my own eyelashes as a young child. But the most amazing thing to me is that my parents didn’t really even notice. And that is a wake up call to me now as Read more about Hair pulling in children[…]

Hair Pulling in ‘Young Adult’

I just watched the film ‘Young Adult’ with Charlize Theron and have mixed feelings about the hair pulling condition that she had. While I’m pleased that hair pulling was dealt with in a major motion picture, and therefore trichotillomania was brought out of the closet somewhat, it did bother me that she was such a Read more about Hair Pulling in ‘Young Adult’[…]

Using visualization as hair pulling treatment

“The indispensible first step to getting the things that you want out of life is this: decide what you want.” – Ben Stein Visualisation is a powerful tool that many successful athletes, businessmen and leaders use on a regular basis. It consists of picturing exactly what you want in order to help you get it. Read more about Using visualization as hair pulling treatment[…]

Trichotillomania Treatment and Support

There is no known ‘cure’ for Trichotillomania but there are treatment options available. Discovering ways to control eyelash pulling and hair pulling impulses can help a patient become pull free. Cognitive behavior therapy, stress-control medications, and hair pulling support groups have all proven as an effective way to control symptoms. Cognitive Behavior Therapy trains patients Read more about Trichotillomania Treatment and Support[…]

The Phases of Trichotillomania

There are three main phases to Trichotillomania: 1. An initial experience of tension or stress accompanied by a desire to pull out some hair. 2. Hair pulling begins and feels good, with a sense of relief, as well as some excitement. The sufferer may play with or eat the hair once the haor has been Read more about The Phases of Trichotillomania[…]