Yoga, Meditation and Breathing in Eyelash Pulling Treatments

Yoga and meditation are not only natural ways to deal with stress, but they are the perfect mix of spiritual and bodily health to support your eyelash pulling treatment. If you meditate regularly, once a day, the calming benefits spill over into the rest of your day. Aim to meditate at the same time everyday, Read more about Yoga, Meditation and Breathing in Eyelash Pulling Treatments[…]

7 Tips to Stop Hair and Eyelash Pulling

As I get more and more involved in discussing my eyelash pulling condition with others through my work with hair and eyelash pulling treatments I realize that ‘normalizing’ a situation that I had been hiding for years is a very important step in treating trich. Funny thing is, I’m getting involved NOW because I’m actually Read more about 7 Tips to Stop Hair and Eyelash Pulling[…]

HD Eyebrows for Eyebrow Pullers

I’ve been in touch with Carmen from Lashdrama who has been telling me about HD eyebrow embroidery (micropigmentation) which gives you permanent 3D eyebrows. She deals with a lot of customers that suffer from eyebrow pulling. This is a wonderful solution to replace eyebrows while dealing with eyebrow trich and while going through treatment for Read more about HD Eyebrows for Eyebrow Pullers[…]

Heather’s Successful Eyelash Pulling Treatment

A few weeks ago Heather contacted me because she was following the Trich Stop eyelash pulling treatment and although it had been succesful up until then, she had come to a moment where she was beginning to feel weak and was worried that she would slip. After discussing her situation by email she realized that moments Read more about Heather’s Successful Eyelash Pulling Treatment[…]

My struggle with eyelash pulling

Over the years I have been in contact with many people – both ex-hair pullers as well as those who are still working through their hair pulling condition. In these exchanges I realise that exchanging stories is an important step in healing. We can take both solace and encouragement in knowing that we are not Read more about My struggle with eyelash pulling[…]

Why Do I Eat My Hair After I Pull It Out?

That was a question I hadn’t really thought much about until I read an article on Trichophagia, or a hair eating condition, while I was researching my own treatment and the Trich Stop System for curing hair pulling. After all, I understood the pulling was a problem, but I hadn’t even thought about eating my Read more about Why Do I Eat My Hair After I Pull It Out?[…]

Chemicals and Hair Pulling

After years battling trichotillomania and looking for a cure for hair pulling, I am more and more convinced that chemicals have an affect on my eyelash pulling condition. I have always felt that chemicals of any form ( in my food, in my environment and even in makeup) aggravate me and increase the urge to Read more about Chemicals and Hair Pulling[…]

Hair Pulling in ‘Young Adult’

I just watched the film ‘Young Adult’ with Charlize Theron and have mixed feelings about the hair pulling condition that she had. While I’m pleased that hair pulling was dealt with in a major motion picture, and therefore trichotillomania was brought out of the closet somewhat, it did bother me that she was such a Read more about Hair Pulling in ‘Young Adult’[…]

Who Suffers from Trichotillomania or ‘Hair Pulling’?

Trichotillomania is believed to affect 2-5% of the population and 80-90% of reported cases are women.  The average age of onset is 11, however pulling can start at any age.  Children under the age of 6 years old usually stop hair pulling after 12 months. The diagnosis criteria for Trich in the mental health field Read more about Who Suffers from Trichotillomania or ‘Hair Pulling’?[…]

What Causes Trichotillomania

Causes of Trichotillomania Research of causes and treatments of Trichotillomania are still in the early stages.  Studies have shown evidence that indicates Trich to be a neurobiological disorder and may be linked to one’s genetic makeup. Hair and eyelash pulling is often triggered by stress, anxiety and depression. People with Trichotillomania generally have a neurologically based Read more about What Causes Trichotillomania[…]