My struggle with eyelash pulling

Over the years I have been in contact with many people – both ex-hair pullers as well as those who are still working through their hair pulling condition. In these exchanges I realise that exchanging stories is an important step in healing. We can take both solace and encouragement in knowing that we are not Read more about My struggle with eyelash pulling[…]

Trich and Hair Pulling with Amy Foxwell: Excerpts from Interviews

Keeping the discussion about hair pulling going, and sharing our experiences with trichotillomania is key for the health of the community. Therefore I ‘d like to share with you some excerpts from different interviews about hair pulling cures and Trichotillomania that I have done during the past year. Question 1. How long did you have Read more about Trich and Hair Pulling with Amy Foxwell: Excerpts from Interviews[…]

Bravo Josie Sanctis! – Mrs. North Carolina

We just want to congratulate and thank Josie Sanctis – Mrs North Carolina – for having the courage to speak out about Trich. On an personal note, for a very long time I didn’t even know that when I was pulling out my eyelashes, that I was suffering from was a legitimate condition that needed Read more about Bravo Josie Sanctis! – Mrs. North Carolina[…]

Why Do I Eat My Hair After I Pull It Out?

That was a question I hadn’t really thought much about until I read an article on Trichophagia, or a hair eating condition, while I was researching my own treatment and the Trich Stop System for curing hair pulling. After all, I understood the pulling was a problem, but I hadn’t even thought about eating my Read more about Why Do I Eat My Hair After I Pull It Out?[…]

Chemicals and Hair Pulling

After years battling trichotillomania and looking for a cure for hair pulling, I am more and more convinced that chemicals have an affect on my eyelash pulling condition. I have always felt that chemicals of any form ( in my food, in my environment and even in makeup) aggravate me and increase the urge to Read more about Chemicals and Hair Pulling[…]

Hair Pulling in ‘Young Adult’

I just watched the film ‘Young Adult’ with Charlize Theron and have mixed feelings about the hair pulling condition that she had. While I’m pleased that hair pulling was dealt with in a major motion picture, and therefore trichotillomania was brought out of the closet somewhat, it did bother me that she was such a Read more about Hair Pulling in ‘Young Adult’[…]

The Phases of Trichotillomania

There are three main phases to Trichotillomania: 1. An initial experience of tension or stress accompanied by a desire to pull out some hair. 2. Hair pulling begins and feels good, with a sense of relief, as well as some excitement. The sufferer may play with or eat the hair once the haor has been Read more about The Phases of Trichotillomania[…]

Who Suffers from Trichotillomania or ‘Hair Pulling’?

Trichotillomania is believed to affect 2-5% of the population and 80-90% of reported cases are women.  The average age of onset is 11, however pulling can start at any age.  Children under the age of 6 years old usually stop hair pulling after 12 months. The diagnosis criteria for Trich in the mental health field Read more about Who Suffers from Trichotillomania or ‘Hair Pulling’?[…]

What Causes Trichotillomania

Causes of Trichotillomania Research of causes and treatments of Trichotillomania are still in the early stages.  Studies have shown evidence that indicates Trich to be a neurobiological disorder and may be linked to one’s genetic makeup. Hair and eyelash pulling is often triggered by stress, anxiety and depression. People with Trichotillomania generally have a neurologically based Read more about What Causes Trichotillomania[…]

What is Trichotillomania?

What is Trichotillomania, otherwise known as “Trich”? Trichotillomania is classified as an impulse control disorder.  People who suffer from this hair pulling disorder have the uncontrollable urge to pull out hair from their scalp or other parts of their body. Hair pullers are unable to stop this behavior, even as their hair becomes thinner and Read more about What is Trichotillomania?[…]