7 Tips to Stop Hair and Eyelash Pulling

As I get more and more involved in discussing my eyelash pulling condition with others through my work with hair and eyelash pulling treatments I realize that ‘normalizing’ a situation that I had been hiding for years is a very important step in treating trich. Funny thing is, I’m getting involved NOW because I’m actually Read more about 7 Tips to Stop Hair and Eyelash Pulling[…]

Heather’s Successful Eyelash Pulling Treatment

A few weeks ago Heather contacted me because she was following the Trich Stop eyelash pulling treatment and although it had been succesful up until then, she had come to a moment where she was beginning to feel weak and was worried that she would slip. After discussing her situation by email she realized that moments Read more about Heather’s Successful Eyelash Pulling Treatment[…]

My Resolution to Not Pull My Eyelashes Out

It’s the new year, and with it comes all of those high pressure resolutions. Not pulling my eyelashes out has been on my new years resolution list for just about 40 years now. Luckily, for the past few years it’s been a ‘maintenance’ resolution, meaning that I resolve to continue my good work of resisting Read more about My Resolution to Not Pull My Eyelashes Out[…]

Should eyelash pullers use mascara?

As an ex eyelash puller (and notice I say ‘ex’, because once you start pulling your eyelashes or hair you can only ever be an ‘ex-puller’ and never a ‘non-puller’ as you will have to always stay vigilant agains the urge to pull your hair), I am always wary of using mascara or eyeliner as Read more about Should eyelash pullers use mascara?[…]