Why Do I Eat My Hair After I Pull It Out?

That was a question I hadn’t really thought much about until I read an article on Trichophagia, or a hair eating condition, while I was researching my own treatment and the Trich Stop System for curing hair pulling. After all, I understood the pulling was a problem, but I hadn’t even thought about eating my Read more about Why Do I Eat My Hair After I Pull It Out?[…]

Trichotillomania Treatment and Support

There is no known ‘cure’ for Trichotillomania but there are treatment options available. Discovering ways to control eyelash pulling and hair pulling impulses can help a patient become pull free. Cognitive behavior therapy, stress-control medications, and hair pulling support groups have all proven as an effective way to control symptoms. Cognitive Behavior Therapy trains patients Read more about Trichotillomania Treatment and Support[…]

Why Do I Pull Out My Eyelashes?

This is the question that many trichotillomaniacs ask themselves. Research of causes of Trichotillomania and treatments for eyelash pulling are still in the early stages.  Studies have shown evidence that indicates eyelash Trichotillomania to be a neurobiological disorder and may be linked to one’s genetic makeup. Eyelash pulling is often triggered by stress, anxiety and depression. Read more about Why Do I Pull Out My Eyelashes?[…]