The Power of Habit and Hair Pulling

I just finished the last page of a fantastic book entitled ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and I really must recommend it for any hair pullers or eyelash pullers out there. While we all know that Trichotillomania is more than just a ‘habit’, Duhigg is using this term in the larger sense of the word and refers to conditions such as alcoholism, gambling, skin picking, nail biting and many other ‘habits’ that science now knows are really series conditions. I found this book enlightening, fascinating and very, very hopeful. It’s simple explanations and clear suggestions on applying the findings are fantastic. What is more is that many, many of the methods that we discuss in the Trich Stop Kit are presented and the reason for their success are described and explained in a clear manner. Most of all, I loved the positive messages about the ability to beat these types of conditions, the importance of belief and surrounding yourself with a positive community, and the understanding that while it is very difficult, beating conditions such as Trichotillomania IS POSSIBLE. That message needs to be heard loud and clear.

You can find The Power of Habit here:


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