Why Do I Eat My Hair After I Pull It Out?

That was a question I hadn’t really thought much about until I read an article on Trichophagia, or a hair eating condition, while I was researching my own treatment and the Trich Stop System for curing hair pulling. After all, I understood the pulling was a problem, but I hadn’t even thought about eating my hair. I didn’t realise that it is often a part of the trichotillomania hair pulling condition. I would always pull my eyelashes and eyebrows, study the ends, gnaw on the little white knob a bit and then eat the hair. Sometimes I ate so much hair that it would get stuck in my throat and tickle for days. But I hadn’t realised that these actions are actions that many Trichotillomania sufferers have in common. When I found this out, I realised that this was a part of the ritual of Trichotillomania, and one that I would need to break in order to be cured of hair pulling. While Trichophagia can be dangerous in some cases, due to creating human hair balls in the intestinal track, the most serious part for me was the fact that this was all part of my intricate hair pulling condition. So I made sure to use my journaling work, along with my Trich Stop Hairgrowth Oil to modify my behavior by stroking (my eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as my lips when I wanted to eat the hair), rather than plucking and eating. By identifying this as a part of my condition I was able to integrate it into my hair pulling treatment.

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