Why Do I Pull Out My Eyelashes?

This is the question that many trichotillomaniacs ask themselves. Research of causes of Trichotillomania and treatments for eyelash pulling are still in the early stages.  Studies have shown evidence that indicates eyelash Trichotillomania to be a neurobiological disorder and may be linked to one’s genetic makeup. Eyelash pulling is often triggered by stress, anxiety and depression. People with eyelash trichotillomania generally have a neurologically based, often genetic predisposition to pluck eyelashes as a self-soothing mechanism. 80% of eyelash pullers also report an itch-like urge to pull the eyelashes out and there may well be a cause similar to folliculitis (inflammation of the hair root) or an irritation to the very natural and normal skin yeast, Malassezia. People who suffer from eyelash trichotillomania have a hard time controlling this obsessive compulsive eyelash pulling disorder due to the vicious cycle of complications that stems from Trich.  Eyelash pulling worsens the emotional instability that causes a patient to pull.  Pulling momentarily satisfies patients but in the long run results in serious emotional consequences, such as severe self-consciousness, poor self-image, low self-esteem, and other lifestyle setbacks.  Individuals who pull tend to feel “freakish” or “crazy” because of the abnormal behavior and its effects.

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