“Do you pull your eyelashes or hair out clique neste link agora?”

You are not alone and you CAN stop.


Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth | How to stop pulling hair and eyelashes

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Discover the power of all-natural essential oils and therapeutic methods to break free from hair and eyelash pulling habits, while promoting trichotillomania hair regrowth. Say goodbye to this challenge naturally and regain your confidence.

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Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth and Eyelash Pulling Treatments

Are you looking for help with:

Eyelash Pulling

Methods and products that are easy to use and that will provide a dramatic and immediate change in your eyelash pulling.

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Hair Pulling

A personalized system that you can put in place immediately to treat trichotillomania.

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Hair and Eyelash Growth

An all natural oil that soothes the itch, heals and encourages hair growth and aids in cognitive behavior therapy.

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My story

I was also a hair puller for over 35 years.
But I am finally pull free and have been for over 8 years!

About Me

You may not have known that you have a hair pulling disorder. Hair pulling and eyelash pulling, clinically known as the Trichotillomania disorder is a BFRB compulsive disorder (body focused repetitive behavior disorder) and affects millions of people in countries all over the world. Some reports estimate that 5% of the population suffers from some sort of trichotillomania.

So you see, you are indeed not alone.

While there is growing research into hair pulling, trichotillomania cures and trichotillomania hair regrowth, there is also a lot that is misunderstood about the disorder, what causes hair pulling and if it’s possible to cure trichotillomania.

But most of us just want to know how to stop trichotillomania and what solutions there are to treat hair pulling and how to stop eyelash pulling.

In my experience there are many solutions, each one as individual as the person suffering from trichotillomania.

Some people pull their hair, some people pull their eyelashes, and some people pull both. In fact, both hair pulling and eyelash pulling are very similar and we can treat them with similar methods, just focusing on the different areas individually.

I would like to share with you my experience, tips and how I stopped pulling out my hair and eyelashes. Mostly I would like to give you hope, a positive outlook, and show you how to stop trichotillomania naturally, without hair pulling medicine. I have developed and used natural methods and essential oils and serums for trichotillomania, for hair regrowth and as an eyelash pulling treatment.

Trichotillomania Cures

The best method for treating trichtillomania is by using many methods. Cures for hair pulling and treatments for trichtollomania hairgrowth include: diet and supplements for trichotillomania, cognitive behavior therapy, journaling and self-awareness training, hypnosis for hair pulling, hair pulling serums and natural oils for your trichtillomania treatment, and I encourage you to read our different blog posts on these subjects and how to stop trichotillomania naturally. Or you will find all of this information gathered in one place, natural products for hair pulling, diet supplements for hair pulling and more in our Trich Stop Complete Kit.

Eyelash Pulling Treatments

Some individuals only suffer from eyebrow and eyelash trichotillomania and need specific eyelash pulling treatments. While we don’t understand what causes eyelash pulling, we do know that it is very similar to hair trichotillomania. However we do have a specific guide for eyelash pulling and a complete kit for treating eyelash pulling disorders. Our all natural eyelash growth serums and essential oils are effective not only in helping individuals stop pulling out their eyelashes, but also in growing strong, healthy lashes in a natural way.

So I invite you to bookmark and use this website as an important resource in your trichotillomania cure: read my story, study the hair pulling and eyelash pulling blog posts, be inspired by other trichotillomania sufferers and their experiences, experiment with some of our trichotillomania solutions, join our hair and eyelash pulling community, try our products to stop trichotillomania naturally and encourage trichtollomania hair regrowth, and start your journey TODAY to successful a trichotillomania cure and eyelash pulling treatment.

And know that it IS POSSIBLE to stop pulling out your hair and eyelashes!


“Thank you for sharing your story. The more my my family opens up about what our family is going through, the more people we learn who are affected by trichotillomania and who never knew it was a condition or how to get help. I appreciate your contribution to break the stigma and to encourage people with trich that there is help and success on the other side.”


“It’s a gamble on which website could help and be beneficial but I was SO relieved when I started using your product and see how it helped me! You truly are my hero. Those who don’t suffer from this trichotillomania disorder don’t realize what a huge deal it is to actually stop pulling out my hair, especially when everything I tried and read said there is no cure or it wouldn’t work. So thank you again for putting in so many hours of research and study. You are amazing and a miracle worker in my book!”


“I'm learning so many new things from your book. So thank you for writing it and sharing it.”

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