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How to Get Your Eyelashes to Grow Back Fast? Fix Damaged Eyelashes

By December 5, 2018 2 Comments

get your eyelashes to grow back fastTo get your eyelashes to grow back fast you need to treat the outside and the inside.

Just like for children when growing, diet and exercise, as well as a healthy lifestyle are important for hair and eyelash re-growth. Remove alcohol and cigarettes from your life and reduce your caffeine intake. Make sure to get enough sleep and exercise to keep blood flowing through your body and to your follicles. Eliminate all processed foods and reduce sugar. Make sure to eat the nutrients that are known to encourage hair growth.

You can make your eyelashes grow back more quickly and in better condition if you also use natural oils and essences that have the properties that encourage hair growth and make eyelashes grow back quickly.

Using natural oils and plant essences helps hair and eyelashes grow back in two ways:

  • these natural solutions for hair and eyelash pulling have chemicals that stimulate hair follicles and help the body in regenerating and growing hair back
  • by stroking on the oils your brain learns to reprogram itself to stroke rather than pull the hair and eyelashes out when you have a trichotillomania urgent. You can regrow eyelashes after trichotillomania!

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How to prevent trichotillomania?

How to prevent trichotillomaniaCan trichotillomania BE prevented? And what exactly IS trichotillomania? How do you know if you have trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is the medical word for hair pulling. There is also a specific condition that is specific to eyelash pullers with is eyelash trichotillomania. Individuals can suffer from one or both of these conditions, either pulling out hair from the scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows, or both. Hair pulling disorder can include pulling hair from the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows and other areas of the body. These are what is known as ‘BFRB’ or body-focused repetitive behaviors, a class of obsessive compulsive disorders.

Hair pulling disorders affect a surprisingly large section of the population. It is estimated that anywhere from 2 – 5 people in 100 pull have this hair pulling disorder and it is present in countries all over the world. There is no racial, gender or social status predisposition. People from all races, genders and walks of life suffer from hair pulling. While those who suffer from anxiety and depression can also suffer from hair pulling conditions, others with no other mental health conditions can also pull their hair and eyelashes out.

However most people have never heard of it because most hair pulling sufferers don’t realize they have a condition, are too ashamed to admit they pull out their hair, or spend all of their time hiding missing eyelashes and bald spots.

Stop picking your eyelashes!

While this ‘silence’ is a hinderance, there is ongoing research into why people pull their hair and eyelashes out. But as of yet, there is no known way to prevent trichotillomania. There is also no known trichotillomania cure. If you are a trich sufferer you probably hear all the time “just stop picking your eyelashes” or “why can’t you stop plucking your eyebrows”, or “you can stop pulling your hair, just try”. But you know what? You can’t ‘just stop’ pulling out eyelashes. It’s a true medical condition and pure will power is not enough to stop hair and eyelash pulling.

So what can you do to deal with your hair pulling disorder? Will you ever stop pulling our your eyelashes? Pulling out your hair? Can your hair or eyelashes grow back?

There are hair and eyelash trichotillomania treatment systems, but to purely prevent hair pulling or prevent eyelash pulling, or ‘curing’ trichotillomania is not yet possible.

So what about trichotillomania treatment? What can you do to treat hair pulling disorder? Treatment for hair pulling and treatment for eyelash pulling include systems to both encourage self-awareness and help individuals to change hair pulling ‘habits’ to stop pulling your hair, stop picking your eyelashes, stop plucking your eyebrows, and to encourage hair and eyelashes regrowth. Let me reassure you that hair and eyelashes can grow back.

Hair growth after pulling

Hair growth after pullingWhile treating your hair pulling condition, it is possible to encourage hair growth after pulling. Hair can grow back and eyelashes can grow back. Actually they do naturally as hair and eyelashes have a lifecycle that actually makes hair and eyelashes fall out and then grow back on their own.

To help hair and eyelashes grow back you can:

  • make changes in your lifestyle
  • use topical ‘medication’ or agents for hair and eyelash pulling. I use the term ‘medication’ for trichotillomania largely. What I am referring to is all natural oils and organic products for hair pulling, not chemical based products which do not work and will make hair pulling worse.

Can eyelashes regrow?

 Can eyelashes regrowFor trichotillomaniacs, a pressing question is, once you have pulled can you regrow eyelashes after trichotillomania? The answer is “Yes.” You can grow your eyelashes back. Just like you can grow your hair back. Even if you have been pulling for a long time, you can grow your eyelashes back. If you have been pulling for a long time your eyelashes or hair may grow in slightly thinner than it was before, but it WILL grow back.

How to fix damaged eyelashes, Regrow eyelashes after trichotillomania

How to fix damaged eyelashesYou may be wondering, ‘can damaged eyelashes be fixed?’ They can. It is important to keep the follicles in good condition by not using false eyelashes, using natural eye cosmetics, avoiding chemicals and using natural oils and essences to support the health of your eyelash follicles.

Yes you can fix damaged eyelashes! 

If you can, avoiding eye make up completely is the best bet to stop pulling out eyelashes trichotillomania. This is difficult for trichotillomaniac sufferers as they use eye makeup to hide their eyelash and eyebrow pulling. However the chemicals only make the problem worse. If you must use eye makeup, choose chemical free makeup or an all natural eyeliner such as kohl and avoid store bought mascaras. The chemicals will damage your eyelashes and the sensation of the mascara on your eyelashes will cause you to focus too heavily on your eye area making it difficult to stop picking your eyelashes or stop plucking your eyebrows.

There is hope – you CAN stop pulling and you can grow your eyelashes and hair back

While trichotillomania hair pulling disorder is a hard road, it is important for eyelash pullers and hair pullers to know that there is hope. That while you can’t prevent trichotillomania, you can get it under control and stop picking your eyelashes, plucking your eyebrows and pulling out your hair. And even more importantly that you shouldn’t give up hope – with time and care your hair and eyelashes will grow back.

Amy Foxwell

Amy Foxwell

I am an author, a consultant and a mother of three young children. I was also a hair puller for over 35 years. But I am finally pull free and have been for over 4 years! I’d like to share with you my journey and why I developed the revolutionary Trich Stop Kit and Trich Stop Oil.


  • Avatar for Anon. Anon. says:

    Hi Amy,
    I’ve been struggling with trich for around 9 years now. I havent told anyone about it other than a close family member, but no doubt it has been noticed despite my attempts to disguise it. Recently I have pulled out nearly all my lashes during a tricky time. I am scared this time that they aren’t growing back. The few hairs that have come through are somewhat stunted. I have looked online at hair transplants but have felt utterly ridiculous about it. Is there still a chance I will have normal lashes again? Thanks for your articles they are so helpful by the way. It gives me alot of courage just to look through.

    • Avatar for Amy Foxwell Amy Foxwell says:

      Hello and thanks for reaching out. I can completely understand your situation, and you aren’t alone there are thousands of people who are dealing with hair and eyelash pulling. Don’t worry, the lashes should grow back in. Read my article about facts about hair and eyelash growth and you’ll better understand the cycle. It’s unlikely that you’ve damaged the follicles enough to not have any growth. They may be thinner, but they will grow back. Just hang in there. Also check out some of the other methods in the blog to help you get some control over the condition. Thank you for your kind words about the articles. That means a lot to me to hear that reading them helps and gives you hope and courage :-). Remember – it’s difficult, but POSSIBLE to deal with trich. Be kind to yourself and take it day by day. Amy

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