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Does a Natural Cure for Trich Exist? Trichotillomania Cure

By November 5, 2018 2 Comments

Trichotillomania, or hair pulling, affects from 2- 5% of the population. So one would think that a trichotillomania cure would have been developed by now. We are beginning to see more research, and more attention given to understanding the trichotillomania condition. But no clear natural cure for trich has yet to be discovered. Actually, there is still no definitive understanding of what causes hair pulling. The current thinking is that there are different causes for trichotillomania. Some sufferers may even have multiple causes of their hair pulling.

trichotillomania cures

Trichotillomania, along with many other obsessive-compulsive disorders such as skin picking, is not very well understood. Because of the nature of the shame surrounding these conditions, few people come forward with their hair pulling condition. So the true extent is misunderstood and the amount of research into these conditions is limited. Without enough research and engagement from trichotillomania sufferers and their families, a medical trichotillomania cure will not be found.

Many people are more aware of methods of treatment that are not dependent on traditional medication. Many of these individuals are searching for a natural cure for trich.

In addition trichotillomania is a very complex obsessive compulsive condition.

There are also different types of hair pulling:

  • ‘focused hair pulling’, where the individual is aware of their pulling
  • automatic hair pulling’, where the individual pulls in a trance, not even aware of what they are doing.

Natural Cure for Trich

To add to the difficulties in understanding how to cure trichotillomania, what triggers the condition is also a mystery. Trichotillomania can begin anytime in a person’s lifetime. Some people start showing symptoms of hair and eyelash pulling in early childhood. Others when their hair starts to go gray. Some individuals begin after a traumatic incident, while for others their hair pulling condition is due to anxiety. And yet others it is boredom or a lack of sensorial stimulus.

Therefore, although there is growing research, there is not conclusive evidence into what might work as a trichotillomania cure or even a natural cure for trich. We must gather much more information and better understand the complexities of the trichotillomania condition before we can know how to cure trichotillomania.

Because of the various intricacies and causes for hair and eyelash pulling behaviors, there are often many different types of therapy and hair pulling treatment that are successful.

This is why we recommend that sufferers try many different hair pulling treatments in their quest to find their own personal trichotillomania ‘cure’ or a natural cure for trich in order to find those that work the best. Even better, that they use many different methods simultaneously.

Trichotillomania treatments

While there is no known specific trichotillomnia cure, there are trichotillomania treatments. Most importantly, there is hope to control the hair pulling condition. A hair puller will not be 100% ‘cured’, and the trichotillomania sufferer will continue to be an ‘ex-trichotillomaniac’ and not a ‘non – trichotillomaniac’. They will need to continue to control their hair pulling, much like an ‘ex-smoker’ will need to control impulses for the rest of their life. However, like an ex-smoker, this does get easier with time.

In any case, while putting together a hair pulling treatment plan, we recommend to try a Natural Cure for Trich where at all possible. Avoid all chemicals and medication and opt for essential oils, cognitive behavior therapy, self-awareness training, journaling and other natural hair pulling treatment methods.

If there is no trichotillomania cure, what then?

natural cure for trichEven though hair pullers cannot seek out a definitive trichotillomania cure, there are treatment options available. Discovering ways to control hair-pulling impulses can help a sufferer become pull free. Cognitive behavior therapy, stress-control medications, and hair pulling support groups are all effective ways to control symptoms. Therapy based treatment for trichotillomania can help the sufferer become aware of the cycle of destructive thinking as well break this habitual thinking and responses.

There are effective alternative hair pulling treatments that can support other more formal treatments of the hair pulling condition, such as journaling, meditation, yoga, self-awareness activities, hypnosis, etc. And there are products such as all natural ways to cure trichotillomania, such as serums and oils and aromatherapy. It is essential to understand that Trichotillomania is a complex problem, and can have differing causes. So it may need to be approached from several different angles to find an effective treatment. Again, making sure you emphasize a Natural Cure for Trich is essential.

Finding a personalized trichotillomania treatment and a natural cure for trich

oil-solutionFinding a personal best solution for hair and eyelash pulling and creating a personalized Trichotillomania cure is the best option at this time. To do this one must understand their own hair pulling condition and the triggers that cause them. Then try different trichotillomania treatments and see which ones both fit into the individuals lifestyle and address the hair pulling condition the best.

Most importantly, belief is essential for those who suffer from Trichotillomania: to know that although it can be difficult to stop hair pulling, and there may not be a definitive trichotillomania cure, it IS POSSIBLE to stop pulling and grow hair and eyelashes back!

Amy Foxwell

Amy Foxwell

I am an author, a consultant and a mother of three young children. I was also a hair puller for over 35 years. But I am finally pull free and have been for over 4 years! I’d like to share with you my journey and why I developed the revolutionary Trich Stop Kit and Trich Stop Oil.


  • Avatar for Paula Paula says:

    Hi. My autistic 20 year old daughter pulled her hair from time to time although recently the effects are very noticeable. I think it is due to sensory processing where she is under-sensitive to pressure, movement etc. and is compensating by giving herself increased pressure. I presume your products would help her. She generally has thick hair but it is looking dry and thin in the area she pulled. She is non-verbal and wouldn’t be able to undertake a journal etc. I love essential oils and recognise their amazing benefits and have massaged the area and scalp with lavender and germanium in an almond base leaving it in for several hours. What would you advise. We live in Ireland so will probably not like the shipping costs. Thanks and regards Paula

    • Avatar for Amy Foxwell Amy Foxwell says:

      Yes, you are probably right concerning the sensory processing. Those with sensory processing issues often deal with trichotillomania. I’m pleased to hear you love essential oils, essential oils are compelling treatment aids for hair pulling. Yes, the trich oil will help. We ship all over the world with the same shipping costs ($4.99 basic ground delivery), so don’t let that stop you giving it a try.:-)

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