Trichotillomania Stop Kit

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The Trich Stop Kit consists of: The Trich Stop Manual and Workbook, Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil, the Trich Stop Hypnosis Audio Recording and NAC Amino Acids

The Trich Stop Kit gives you everything you need to create a complete, personalized treatment.  It teaches you and helps you implement the fundamentals, the knowledge, the attitude, and the behaviors. The Trich Stop Kit has been designed with one aim in mind: to help you stop pulling your eyelashes, eyebrows and hair, seeing the results in 3 months. And once you have these methods and tools in hand you’ll be able to use them over and over again, whenever you need them. The foundations of the Trichotillomania Stop Kit are based on a positive outlook and using all natural methods and products.

The Trich Stop Kit package gives you everything you need for a complete hair pulling treatment:

  • The Trich Stop Manual and Workbook with 200 pages of facts, inspiration, ideas, tips, methods, information, recommended reading and resources, other’s experiences, and the Trich Stop Loved One’s Guide to help your family and friends better understand
  • a 10 ml bottle of the all natural Trich Stop Oil
  • a download of the Trich Stop Hypnosis audio recording
  • a month’s supply of NAC amino acid supplement

Trich Stop Kit – For your information:

  • We ship worldwide and you can expect your order within 5-10 days.
  • You will have access to digital downloads instantly.
  • Discreet packaging
  • Free shipping for purchases over $50
  • All products are natural and made in France
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hair pulling, or trichotillomania, is a real medical condition, and needs an effective hair pulling treatment system with various methods and tools to help you beat hair pulling for the long term. The Trich Stop Kit is proven and used by many hair pullers just like you as, an effective hair pulling treatment. With the Trichotillomania Stop Kit IT IS POSSIBLE TO STOP PULLING OUT YOUR HAIR!

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4 reviews for Trichotillomania Stop Kit

  1. Avatar for Sandy


    I have tried a lot of things, and its been 50 years of pulling. It has stopped as of six weeks ago after using the kit… cant thank you enough.

  2. Avatar for Corrilie


    Hi Amy. Thank-you for checking up on me and seeing how I am doing, its feels good to have someone that has faith in me stopping. I am going pretty good. The last two days I have been under a lot of pressure and have noticed myself pulling a little but when I notice I am doing it I try so hard to stop the temptation by distracting myself. Other than those few times, I have not pulled since I have started using this kit. Thank-you heaps again.

  3. Avatar for Vanessa


    I have liked the Trich Stop hair growth oil to put on my eyelashes. I don’t always feel like I have something poking me in my eye anymore and I haven’t pulled on them since I got the kit!

  4. Avatar for Heather


    Here is a testimonial, feel free to post it on your trich-stop website with my pictures. To any trichster who is still looking, I looked for a long time. I will be twenty-nine this year and started pulling in the fourth grade (age 10 years old). Two summers ago I spent over a grand to have someone try to help. It worked for 5 weeks, then I fell apart. I didn’t learn techniques to stay strong, but was given more of a consequence that felt more like willpower than reprogramming my brain. Last year I bought another program, priced at almost a grand, that I couldn’t keep up with, as listening and doing the exercises took me over two hours, and I didn’t have the time to keep up, so I fell apart after about a month. This April (2014), I was hitting bottom, pulling every eyelash and eyebrow I could get my hands or tweezers on. I started lookin again, thinking solutions haven’t worked yet, but I couldn’t give up (as many trichsters feel). I came across this book/oil combination. To be honest, I had glanced at the site before and thought it was too simple to work, as I had read many a trich self-help books before. I obviously came back to it, as I knew I needed help stopping. With Amy being a past puller, reading her book I could see the similar struggles we shared. I told her about how I couldn’t get through more than a month, and how when they were coming through, it felt like the lashes were “teething” and drew me to pulling to rid of the pain, which in turn, sent me back into the pulling frenzy. Between reading an taking notes in the book, doing the simple and single exercise each day, keeping a diary, the oils each night, and taking the vitamins I knew I needed to stay mentally strong, I can say I have been successful with both eyelashes AND eyebrows for 53 days today. Looking in the mirror now, I have learned how to avoid the analyzing in the mirror and practice the exercises daily, bc I know after doing this for 19 years, I need to keep my new thoughts consistent with the goal I have to beat this. Also, the oil has been helpful, bc I notice stroking and not having that need to go up to my face with pincher fingers. It’s a great feeling to not be sitting on the couch or driving home having that urge. And if the thought arises, I switch gears to what I need to be telling myself, thanks to Amy’s book. As simple as it seems, and at the low price, from one trichster who felt beat to another who currently still does, I recommend this combo to read and try. You have nothing to lose, as she has her money back guarantee. Yes, I was one who thought it would define me for my life and I’d have to get used to it, but I’m glad I got into this book and can now look someone in the eyes without having to feel awkward and ugly. Thank you Amy and thank you still for the continued support 53 days later. This is more than a book, but someone who is in your corner.

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