Trich Stop Manual and Hairgrowth Oil

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This package consists of:

10ml bottle of Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil (Trich Stop Oil)

200 pages of facts, inspiration, ideas, tips, methods, information, other’s experiences and more, The Trich Stop Loved One’s Guide to help your family and friends better understand, A Workbook, Recommended reading and resources.

Trich Stop Oil is a completely natural, 100% organic hair regrowth oil to use as a substitute for chemical based products such as Latisse or Nioxin for hair and eyelash growth and healing for hair and eyelash pulling.

The Trich Stop Manual and Workbook was written by a fellow hair and eyelash puller and is based on both personal experience, as well as much time researching and gathering information.

Having everything in one place, including facts about the condition, different treatment methods, experiences and ideas from others, inspiration and resources allows you to access the many different ways to deal with trichotillomania.

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The Trich Stop Manual and Hairgrowth Oil is a comprehensive package that includes a 10ml bottle of Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil and a wealth of resources to support your journey toward healing.

100% organic Hair Growth Oil

First, the Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil is a 100% organic, natural alternative to chemical-based products like Latisse or Nioxin.

Therefore, the hair growth oil nurtures and stimulates hair follicles, encouraging regrowth and healing for hair and eyelash pulling. Say goodbye to chemical interventions and embrace the power of nature with Trich Stop Oil.

Secondly,  the Trich Stop Manual and Workbook were created by someone who has undergone and understands firsthand the struggle of hair and eyelash pulling.

Based on personal experience and extensive research, this comprehensive guidebook spans 200 pages of facts, inspiration, ideas, tips, methods, and information. In addition, the manual comes with the Trich Stop Loved One’s Guide, designed to help your family and friends better understand your journey.

Therefore, with everything conveniently compiled in one place, you’ll have access to different treatment methods, insights from others who have experienced trichotillomania, inspiration, and additional resources. Gain a deeper understanding of the condition and explore the diverse approaches to treating trichotillomania.

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Finally, you will enjoy free shipping for purchases over $50, and rest assured that all our products are natural and proudly made in France. We stand behind the effectiveness of our product with a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee, allowing you to embark on this journey with confidence.

Experience the power of the Trich Stop Manual and Hairgrowth Oil as you take control of trichotillomania and embrace the beauty of regrowth. Begin your transformation today and unlock a future of hair and eyelash health.

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    Many thanks for the hair regrowth oil and manual. They are very helpful. Keep up the good work.

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