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This package consists of: 200 pages of facts, inspiration, ideas, tips, methods, information, other’s experiences and more, The Trich Stop Loved One’s Guide to help your family and friends better understand, A Workbook, Recommended reading and resources.

The Trich Stop Manual and Workbook was written by a fellow hair and eyelash puller and is based on both personal experience, as well as much time researching and gathering information.

Having everything in one place, including facts about the condition, different treatment methods, experiences and ideas from others, inspiration and resources allows you to access the many different ways to deal with trichotillomania.

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Discover the comprehensive Trich Stop Manual and Workbook, a life-changing guide designed to help you overcome trichotillomania.

This package, brought to you by Trich Stop Products, offers an extensive collection of valuable resources and insights to support your journey toward freedom from hair and eyelash pulling.

Containing a wealth of information, the Trich Stop Manual and Workbook consists of 200 pages filled with facts, inspiration, tips, methods, and the experiences of others.

Authored by a fellow hair and eyelash puller, this guide is a testament to personal experience and extensive research. Therefore, it is a beacon of hope, providing many tools and strategies to manage trichotillomania effectively.

The Trich Stop Loved One’s Guide included in this package is a valuable resource for your family and friends. It helps them better understand your condition, fostering a supportive environment on your journey to recovery. A dedicated Workbook is also provided to facilitate your progress, allowing you to track your achievements, set goals, and engage in therapeutic exercises.

With the Trich Stop Manual and Workbook, everything you need is conveniently consolidated in one place. Explore the facts about trichotillomania, discover different treatment methods, draw inspiration from the experiences and ideas of others, and access a wide range of resources to cope with this condition effectively.

Trich Stop Products proudly ships worldwide, ensuring your order arrives within 5-10 days. Furthermore, digital downloads are available instantly for your convenience. Rest assured that your purchase will be delivered discreetly, respecting your privacy. Enjoy free shipping for purchases over $50, and take comfort in knowing that all products are natural and made in France.

Your satisfaction is our priority, so we offer a 15-day money-back guarantee. We are confident that the Trich Stop Manual and Workbook will empower you to overcome trichotillomania and reclaim control over your life. Embark on a path of healing and transformation today with Trich Stop Products.

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2 reviews for Trich Stop Products for Trichotillomania – Trich Stop Solutions

  1. Avatar for Sheila


    Just purchased and read your Trich Stop manual, stunning read. 🙂

  2. Avatar for Anna


    I have been enjoying the manual. I’m down to like 3 hairs a day at most. I’m used to a whole pile of hair

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