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This package consists of: 10ml bottle of Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil and Digital version of the Trich Stop Workbook (worth $5.99)

Trich Stop Oil is a completely natural, 100% organic hair regrowth oil to use as a substitute for chemical based products such as Latisse or Nioxin for hair and eyelash growth and healing for hair and eyelash pulling.

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17 reviews for Trich Stop Oil

  1. Avatar for Robin


    Hi Amy. I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has used your oil for the past 5 weeks and has had a great success. She now uses mascara and has never looked better. We are all thrilled with her results and are very proud of her. I would highly recommend your product and thank you very much for helping my daughter.

  2. Avatar for Margaret


    Thank you for touching base with me. So far I¿m doing great with the program. I really like the oil.

  3. Avatar for Bryan


    Things are going great so far. I always picked at my eyelashes and recently started with the eyebrows. I have been a puller for about 20 years and recently it has taken a big leap from bad to horrible. I tried everything from medication, counseling and hypnosis! It felt good to talk about it because I was embarrassed about it but it didn’t stop me from pulling. Medication sorta worked but I felt like a zombie!!! Hypnosis didn’t work at all. With the oil product I purchased, I put some on in the morning and the feeling to pull is lowered. BUT I pull more at night when I’m relaxing and watching TV!! So at night I put the bottle of oil in my pocket and put it on as I feel the urge to pull. So far it has worked and I’m feeling better about myself. My wife compliments me everyday and gives me the confidence boost I need. So far, I love it!!!! 🙂

  4. Avatar for Nikki


    My daughter loves it [Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil], I can’t believe what a difference in her already, even though it’s only been a few days we can see eyelashes already !!! Thanks so much

  5. Avatar for Thomas


    Hi Amy. I must tell you that the oil is working great for me and I’m not pulling my lashes (or even feeling the urge) at all. I use the oil only at night now. I’m so glad I found you. I feel so much better about myself w/eye lashes. ;-). Have a great day!

  6. Avatar for Tania


    So I have been using the hair growth oil and supplements for just over a month now, and haven’t pulled for 35 days. I am only using it once a day. I am so excited!

  7. Avatar for Anjie


    I am reordering because I have used the Trich Stop Hairgrowth Oil before and it did wonders

  8. Avatar for Joelle


    Your hair growth oil is a life saver!! The Trich Stop oil brings me comfort and hope! I thank you making a product that is so simple and all natural. You have given me hope when I was just about all out of it. Thank you for everything!

  9. Avatar for Candice


    I bought the oil etc for my 8 year old daughter and she started pulling her eyelashes about 12 months ago. It seems to be a huge relief for her and so far she hasn’t pulled since she has been using the eyelash growth oil. Many thanks.

  10. Avatar for Alessandra


    Thank you so much! I was in a really bad place and almost went bald on my eyelashes. Now, there are lashes. I am so happy and I am working so hard every day to keep it steady. Your oil is amazing. Thank you!

  11. Avatar for Karen


    I used it [Trich Stop Eyelash Growth Oil] for two consecutive days and it’s pretty effective, I must say. It calms the area, making it less itchy. It also makes the eyebrow/eyelash hair stronger, making it uncomfortable and/or painful to pull.

  12. Avatar for Alla


    I’ve used the Trich Stop hair growth oil for my daughter, we’re actually on our second bottle right now and it seems to be helping.

  13. Avatar for Vanessa


    I have liked the Trich Stop hair growth oil to put on my eyelashes. I don’t always feel like I have something poking me in my eye anymore and I haven’t pulled on them since I got the kit!

  14. Avatar for Erika


    I tried the Trich Stop hair growth oil and it really worked. Thank you so much, after 35 years of pulling, with much effort, I can finally stop pulling!

  15. Avatar for Sandra


    I really have been loving the hair growth oil I purchased from you.

  16. Avatar for Norma


    The hair growth oil smells really nice!

  17. Avatar for Allie

    Allie (verified owner)

    I have been a long time customer and have been using this oil since around 2018. For me, it lasts a long time because I do not always need to use it anymore. I mainly use it when my eyelashes feel irritated or itchy and I have the urge to pull them again. The oil soothes it right away and I haven’t found anything else like it so far. Amy is also always so helpful and personal. I truly appreciate everything she has done.

    • Avatar for Amy Foxwell

      Amy Foxwell

      Thank you! <3

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