I cannot emphasize enough how much reading can help you in your Trichotillomania treatment, so I have started a list of recommended resources for hair and eyelash pullers. You should read to be more informed about your condition and the various possibilities for treatment. But you should also read for inspiration and to help guide you to find a more positive and happy life. Using other people’s energy to boost you up is a great way of getting out of the blues or building the positive outlook that is so essential in treating hair pulling.

The more informed you are and the more contact with others the better your chances are of beating your condition. It’s important to know that you are not alone and the anonymous contact with others can help with the feelings of loneliness and isolation that can individuals suffering from Trichotillomania may experience from time to time.

Use the following as a list of recommended resources for hair and eyelash pullers:

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

Fascinating research about ‘habits’ (and while we know that hair pulling is not a ‘habit’ as such, he does go into repetitive behaviors).

 The Success Principles – Jack Canfield

This is a more general work about success in life, however the principles are great and it has a wonderful upbeat message that leaves you with a positive message for the future.

 Stop Me Because I Can’t Stop Myself – Jon Grant

An informative book on impulse control disorders, Dr. Grant’s research is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

 Pretty Little Things – Cheryl Strayed

Funny, insightful and compassionate. This book will show you that we all have our issues and give you strength to keep working towards a better life. “A balm for everything life throws our way.”


Full of information, seminars and contacting others about OCDs.


Based in the UK, this charity helps individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorders.

What about you? What resources can you recommend other hair pullers and eyelash pullers?

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Amy Foxwell

Amy Foxwell

I am an author, a consultant and a mother of three young children. I was also a hair puller for over 35 years. But I am finally pull free and have been for over 4 years! I’d like to share with you my journey and why I developed the revolutionary Trich Stop Kit and Trich Stop Oil.

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