A few weeks ago Heather contacted me because she was following the Trich Stop eyelash pulling treatment and although it had been a successful eyelash pulling treatment up until then, she had come to a moment where she was beginning to feel weak and was worried that she would slip.

After discussing her situation by email she realized that moments of weakness are a natural part of any trich or successful eyelash pulling treatment process, even the Trich Stop System. She embraced this and then moved on with renewed vigor and hope. By using a combination of the Trich Stop methods and Trich Stop Hair Regrowth Oil as well as amino acid supplements for Trich, now she is 3 months pull free and feeling very positive with her ability to stop pulling out her eyelashes and eyebrows.

Day 0

Eyelash pulling

Day 45

successful eyelash pulling treatment

Heather’s Successful Eyelash Pulling Treatment

Seeing Heather’s advancement as well as her moments of weakness I realized that many eyelash and eyebrow pullers out there could benefit from hearing about Heather’s experience and her essentially successful eyelash pulling treatment. So I asked Heather if she would be willing for me to post our conversations about her not so successful, and successful eyelash pulling treatment, as well as the review and photos that she sent me with the objective of helping others suffering from eyelash pulling.

The following shows our conversations and will give you an idea of what others go through as they too fight their hair pulling condition. Heather and I both wish you luck in your endeavors to beat trich, whether you are part of the Trich Stop Community or not. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me at amy@foxwellassociates.com.

It is possible to treat eyelash pulling

AMY: Hello Heather. I’m just checking in to see how you are doing with your Trich Stop item. I wanted you to know that even though it is indeed tough, IT IS POSSIBLE TO CURE TRICH. I know because I did it using the very kit that you now have in your possession. So congratulate yourself; you have taken the first step and are on your way to a pull free you. As you embark on this journey and a successful eyelash pulling treatment, I just wanted you to know that you have my full support and encouragement. Good luck, and most importantly, be kind to yourself! Amy

HEATHER: Hello Amy. I am 23 days pull free. It’s amazing how it’s like a light switch turning off.  I was at a real low, having stopped for a couple of months during the holidays, but then lost it and pulled. It takes an extreme helplessness to get me back focused, but I don’t want to feel helpless and lose control anymore. I am doing okay. I don’t have the excitement that I did during the first week.  Any advice to staying in the honeymoon phase? I feel excited when I first stop.  Stopping for a day is a triumph when I fall off the wagon. Normally I can’t even get through a few hours without reaching up, so it is a triumph.  I feel good about the win, but winning for a while loses it’s luster.  I seem to make it to two months then spin into an analysis attack and over think the hairs (brows and lashes).

So that’s what I’m worried about. I’m trying to stay positive, but worry about this point in the game being like all other attempts. I am going to by another book, but I feel emotionless when I do my mantra now.  I want to change it to something along the lines of being proud to look in the mirror and being happy to see more hairs, not analyzing them. Any advice to turn the judgment into positivity? An upbeat? At the end of my work day, I come home, have dinner, and then take off the make up and do my oil.  On weekend, I do a round of yoga. During the week though, I am a new teacher, so I always feel busy and consumed in planning or grading, so I don’t do much for me.  I do, though, write in my little phone diary app I downloaded, keeping track of feeling and events of the day, but I need to keep the positivity alive. Do share if you can. Thank you for checking in. Heather

AMY: Hello Heather. Congratulations on the 23 days. That’s huge progress, especially because now your brain knows that it IS POSSIBLE. Secondly, know that gradual healing is the best, and falling off the wagon happens, so don’t beat yourself up over it. The goal is to have longer and longer non pulling periods until one day it’s just one long non pulling period. That is what happened to me. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Firstly, keep using the oil every time you have an urge. It takes a while to reprogram your brain from pulling to rubbing, so you must be consistent and give it time. This is EXTREMELY important. And do what you need to do – change your mantra if you need to.

And try lots of different methods. Know one really knows what causes trich and there are most likely several different causes. So testing and finding the methods that work best for you is an important step. Reflect on hormonal changes and be aware of susceptible times, try the NAC amino acids, and why not try hypnotism? I’ve had a lot of people give me feedback that the amino acids and the hypnotism work wonders. As far as turning the judgement around and keeping upbeat I think that you need to step back and really have an honest look at the progress you are making. We tend to get so close to the problem that we don’t see it objectively. And finally have you thought of having a ‘buddy’ that can be there for the low moments? It’s hard to do this alone. If you like I could perhaps put you in touch with another Trich Stop community member by email and you could have a few conversations and see if that helps? In any case, stay positive. You have already made great progress and should be proud of yourself! Amy

Attitude is everything for a successful eyelash pulling treament

HEATHER: Amy, Thank you for the response. Your comment about: As far as turning the judgement around and keeping upbeat I think that you need to step back and really have an honest look at the progress you are making. We tend to get so close to the problem that we don’t see it objectively. Really made my day.  It made me smile and brought back the little sparkle I was missing. So thank you for knowing what to say. 🙂 As for amino acids and oil, I have been doing those daily, too. Amino acids morning and night and oil at night after dinner. Tried the hypnotism thing, but I didn’t feel it worked and kept being so relaxed that I would fall asleep during the session!  Oops! 

I like the breathing and relaxation of the yoga better. 😀 As for a buddy, I like the idea of a fellow trich-fighter to chat with!  If possible, another person with brow &/or lash centered vs hair.  I had a buddy with hair that was from Oregon, but she got better and I fell off the wagon, so I didn’t want to bother her and have her get pulled down with me. Again, thank you for the words of encouragement and I look forward to sharing how I’m doing when you check in again!  It was nice to receive that email and know that there is a person on the other end who is not just selling something, but who also is there for support and encouragement. So thank you for that, as well. I’m looking forward to more pull-free days ahead. Heather

HEATHER: Hi Amy. I know it’s passed my thirty day, and not sure if you still correspond with your buyers, but I just wanted to share how far I’ve come.  After paying thousands of dollars elsewhere, I’m amazed how the combination of your book, journaling, vitamins, and the oil has helped me to stay on track.  I have been taking the vitamins for the time of month, bc I felt myself getting antsy and analytic a few weeks back, so I have almost made it through that. I’ve even been able to get through the times that used to be high times for me, like driving home, watching tv on the couch, and completing work to meet deadlines, without it being a conscious effort.

It’s a great feeling to come this far again, and I feel like I can go even further this time. I look in the mirror now and am happier with myself. I still analyze a little when the make up is gone, but it’s not a trance like I used to get sucked into.  I hit that little bump back in the day when I emailed you last feeling discouraged and like I wasn’t going to make it and here I am on day 45. It feels good and I just wanted to share my successful eyelash treatment so far and hope I can continue to count up the days. Thank you for sharing your method of success. Heather

Here is a review for you. It’s lengthy, but hopefully will be of use to another trichster in search for help. Feel free to post it on your Trich Stop website with my pictures if you want a testimonial.

“To any trichster who is still looking, I looked for a long time. I will be twenty-nine this year and started pulling in the fourth grade (age 10 years old). Two summers ago I spent over a grand to have someone try to help. It worked for 5 weeks, then I fell apart. I didn’t learn techniques to stay strong, but was given more of a consequence that felt more like willpower than reprogramming my brain. Last year I bought another program, priced at almost a grand, that I couldn’t keep up with, as listening and doing the exercises took me over two hours, and I didn’t have the time to keep up, so I fell apart after about a month. This April (2014), I was hitting bottom, pulling every eyelash and eyebrow I could get my hands or tweezers on. I started looking again, thinking solutions haven’t worked yet, but I couldn’t give up (as many trichsters feel).

I came across this book/oil combination. To be honest, I had glanced at the site before and thought it was too simple to work, as I had read many a trich self-help books before. I obviously came back to it, as I knew I needed help stopping. With Amy being a past puller, reading her book I could see the similar struggles we shared. I told her about how I couldn’t get through more than a month, and how when they were coming through, it felt like the lashes were “teething” and drew me to pulling to rid of the pain, which in turn, sent me back into the pulling frenzy. Between reading an taking notes in the book, doing the simple and single exercise each day, keeping a diary, the oils each night, and taking the vitamins I knew I needed to stay mentally strong, I can say I have been successful with both eyelashes AND eyebrows for 53 days today. Looking in the mirror now, I have learned how to avoid the analyzing in the mirror and practice the exercises daily, bc I know after doing this for 19 years, I need to keep my new thoughts consistent with the goal I have to beat this.  Also, the oil has been helpful, bc I notice stroking and not having that need to go up to my face with pincher fingers. It’s a great feeling to not be sitting on the couch or driving home having that urge. And if the thought arises, I switch gears to what I need to be telling myself, thanks to Amy’s book.

As simple as it seems, and at the low price, from one trichster who felt beat to another who currently still does, I recommend this combo to read and try. You have nothing to lose, as she has her money back guarantee. Yes, I was one who thought it would define me for my life and I’d have to get used to it, but I’m glad I got into this book and can now look someone in the eyes without having to feel awkward and ugly. Thank you Amy and thank you still for the continued support 53 days later.  This is more than a book, but someone who is in your corner. Good luck in your endeavor future buyers.”

“I love having eyelashes!”

HEATHER: Hey Amy, Tonight is 65 days complete. Is it normal to be over thrilled with my lashes!? I have taken so many selfies over the last two days.Yesterday was our school’s last day and my seventh graders celebrated with a school dance.  We all dressed up and had such a nice time.  I really love having eyelashes. Not that I wasn’t pretty before, which is why I think it continued on for so long, but it was just a mask over the bare truth.  Now it’s real and I feel like my eyes sparkle a bit with joy. But yeah … Is this normal?  Not that it’s bad, but I haven’t been able to enjoy them for so long and in such a long time.  I am looking forward to another month to count. Just checking in. I have a very short week off before I start teaching summer school, so just checking in and sharing. Thanks so much Amy!

AMY: It’s completely normal to be so pleased – and so you should be! Congratulations and good work. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work. And as time goes by it will just get easier and easier now that you are successfully reprogramming your neural pathways. I myself now very rarely get urges and I manage to control them, which is the key to long term success. And to be honest, I’m still pleased when I see my lashes and brows 🙂 And the most important thing is that now, no matter what happens, you know that it IS POSSIBLE to get control over your condition. Even if you slipped up, you now know that you are the boss. This is very, very  important. So, hurrah for you. Enjoy your summer and keep me posted. I am so very pleased for you.

HEATHER:  Just out of curiosity, what year did you beat your trich? I’m curious to match the perspective you still have about your success with the time away from when your success began. On a side note…. As I sit here this morning, my boyfriend has his brother in town and I left my eyes without any makeup. The brows still need a little coloring in, as they have not yet all arrived, but it’s quite the experience to say I’m not wearing make-up in front of guests. And I have read over your additions to your trich stop website and I’m so glad your system is helping so many people.  I especially like the comments about the oil helping to ease the feeling that I was calling, “teething.”. That was the hardest part for me in past attempts when I had the pain there when I was trying so hard not to focus on it.  With the combination of remedies, especially the oil, I too feel the same way. I hope the best for your future buyers and thank you again and again for your simple and successful kit.

AMY: I’ve been pull free for about 5 years and semi-pull free (pull free for longer and longer periods of time) for about 3 years before that while I was creating and working through what is now the Trich Stop System. However, as you might have read in the book, I don’t consider myself a ‘non hair puller’, but an ‘ex- hair puller’. I still get urges. Rarely, but I do get them. And I go straight back to the Trich Stop Oil and methods, which keep me strong so I don’t succumb to the urges. The thing about the Trich Stop System that is so powerful is that once you have the tools, you have them for life. So if things get a little rocky you can fall right back on them. And you know that it’s possible to stop because you have done so already.

Belief and attitude are essential for a successful eyelash pulling treatment, so this is really important for long term results. So yes, I still appreciate the success and am still close to what it feels like to deal with the condition and to be successful. That’s probably why your emails make me so happy, I can vicariously feel your success! As I can with everyone else’s’ successful eyelash pulling treatment for that matter. The feedback is so very heartening and satisfying for me. Sometimes I like to turn the situation around and tell myself that helping others gives some kind of sense to my having this condition 🙂 Again, again, again, congrats and keep up the good work. Every pull free day makes you stronger and ready for long term success. And let  me thank you again for allowing me to post our conversations. I really feel that they can help others by giving them belief that others are dealing with the issues and are having success at working through their trich and a successful eyelash pulling treatment. A community of people with positive experiences and outlooks is a very helpful thing in beating eyelash and hair pulling. Please do stay in touch and keep me posted on your progress.

Amy Foxwell

Amy Foxwell

I am an author, a consultant and a mother of three young children. I was also a hair puller for over 35 years. But I am finally pull free and have been for over 4 years! I’d like to share with you my journey and why I developed the revolutionary Trich Stop Kit and Trich Stop Oil.

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