Trichotillomania Eyelashes Grow Back (Eyelash Regrowth)

Are you confused about why you pull out your eyelashes?

Are you frustrated because you just can’t seem to stop?

Are you fed up and know that you should be doing something to stop, but you just don’t know what steps to take?

Are you aware that you can’t ‘just stop’ pulling out your eyelashes?

Do you wonder if trichotillomania eyelashes grow back?

You are not alone. You suffer from eyelash trichotillomania, a medical word for eyelash pulling, and it is a legitimate medical condition. You aren’t mentally unbalanced, and you shouldn’t be blamed. And simple self-control is not the answer.

I know, that this is disturbing and worrying, and hard to understand. But eyelash and eyebrow pulling is more common than you imagine. No one is sure what causes the eyelash trichotillomania condition, but it CAN BE TREATED. I know because I stopped pulling my eyelashes and eyebrows out. And I did so without expensive medication or therapy.

3 things you need to know:

  • Eyelash pulling is a real condition and you are not alone

  • You can’t ‘just stop’ pulling out your eyelashes using will power

  • There are effective, all natural solutions and methods for eyelash pulling and you can put your own, personalized treatment in place today

If you are looking for help to stop pulling out your eyelashes and eyebrows, and want to learn from someone who has been there, please continue reading.

I have gathered methods and developed eyelash treatment products that are easy to use and that will result in an impressive and timely change in your eyelash pulling habits. Everything you need to begin a tailored-to-you treatment program for eyelash pulling is included.

Eyelash Pulling Treatment is possible!

The Trich Stop System is a proven eyelash treatment kit combining practical, simple to follow ideas with follicle soothing and stimulating eyelash growth oils, and other important resources.

I bet you say to yourself: “If I could stop pulling my eyelashes out, everything would change. Today is the last time I pull out an eyelash!”

I know, because that is what I said. I know the frustration to be sure that it must be possible to stop pulling out your eyelashes, but lost at knowing how to do that. I know how desperately you try to stop; the pep talks you give yourself, the self-berating when you start pulling again, the total lack of control when you get into an eyelash pulling binge, and the constant checking with your fingers to see how big the new empty spot is. The wondering on how long it will take for the eyelashes to grow back in and the elaborate eyelash makeup you use to hide the missing eyelashes. The people that don’t understand, nagging you to JUST STOP PULLING OUT YOUR EYELASHES. And what you can’t understand is why after all this time trying, you just can’t control the urge to pull out your own eyelashes.

The good news is – all that can change! Whether you pull eyelashes or you pull eyebrows –  IT IS POSSIBLE – you can stop!

Eyelash Pulling Success Facts

1. You can learn how to deal with your eyelash trichotillomania

Maybe you think that you can’t. Maybe you think that you don’t have the necessary self-control, or have experienced that elf-control doesn’t work. And that’s true. Self-control is not enough. But I am here to tell you that you can learn the basics and discover resources that help you stop pulling out your eyelashes. To be completely frank with you, few eyelash trichotillomaniacs ever know this or do anything about it. They focus on hiding their eyelash pulling condition. And so most eyelash pullers are disillusioned, discouraged, and often, depressed (there’s a reason 90% of all eyelash pullers fail to stop pulling, and now you know why). However there is a group of people who have stopped painting a doom and gloom picture and have actually stopped their eyelash pulling. So, how have they stopped pulling? Is it a coincidence? Are they more fortunate than the other eyelash pullers? More clever? No. The reason that these people succeed in controlling their eyelash pulling, comes down to their understanding of some straightforward but powerful and profoundly important eyelash pulling fundamentals. How to stop pulling out your eyelashes is something that you can learn, but you must be taught by people who have succeeded in treating their eyelash trichotillomania. By someone who has an eyelash pulling condition and has already learned how best to treat it. Why reinvent the wheel, spending years and lots of money on eyelash pulling treatments when you can invest in using someone else’s experience and knowledge?

2. You can’t treat eyelash trichotillomania without a system.

You CAN successfully stop pulling out your eyelashes, but you must learn specifically how to stop.  No matter your good intentions, you will need to lay the necessary groundwork before you can treat your eyelash pulling. Even the strongest-willed people won’t make it if they don’t understand and lay the foundations.  For years I tried just plain old ‘will power’.  But in the end, success is dependent on the foundations you build, not just on how hard you try to stop pulling. However the foundations are actually pretty simple to put into place.  You need to know what the steps are, and have access to the right tools. Now, I know this can be incredibly discouraging. How should you know what a eyelash trichotillomania treatment system looks like? You have probably already spent a lot of time and money on therapy and products like Latisee, Nioxin, trying various things, but with poor results. You’ve probably looked at the Internet, but there are so many opinions and ideas. How do you know what works? Where can you find someone who understands and has lived through and overcome eyelash pulling? And where will you get the treatment and the tools you need to beat eyelash trichtomillomania? How can you start growing your eyelashes back, and keep them? I bet now you’d rather just use a lot of eyelash makeup than have to deal with people noticing your missing eyelashes. This is where you need experience and understanding. My methods, resources, shared stories and tips that I have learned from treating my own eyelash pulling will allow you begin your successful eyelash trichotillomania cure, today.

3. You must do things differently to be successful.

If you keep doing what you have been to stop eyelash pulling, then you’ll keep getting the same results. I don’t know about you, but I see lots of doom and gloom about eyelash pulling. It is tough to kick the eyelash pulling ‘habit’, and that is what everyone talks about. And it’s true – it IS tough. Especially when you don’t have a method, resources or help on how to break through and do it differently. But you MUST treat your eyelash trichotillomania differently to succeed in stopping your eyelash pulling.



The Trich Stop Kit for Eyelash Pulling

The Trich Stop kit is a collection of powerful methods based on research and many experiences from those who have been successful in treating their eyelash pulling. These are instantly useable, successful and low-cost methods, tools and tips to assist you stop pulling your eyelashes out.  Methods you can put to work right now, within the hour, to instantly set yourself on the road to successfully stopping your eyelash pulling. The Trich Stop Kit teaches you and helps you put in place the basics, the knowhow, the mind-set, and the behaviors needed to treat eyelash pulling successfully. The Trich Stop Kit has been created with one goal: to help you stop pulling your eyelashes. And once you have learned these eyelash pulling tips and tools, you’ll be able to use them again and again, whenever you need them.

I KNOW the condition you’re facing… and, more importantly… I know how to help you be successful

So what kind of things will you learn with the Trich Stop Eyelash Pulling Kit?

  • How to put together your own personalized eyelash pulling treatment system that’s right for you, including a workbook section so you can actively apply what you have learned
  • Ways to identify when and why you pull your eyelashes
  • Using hypnosis to stop eyelash pulling
  • How to use visualization to imagine your new life without eyelash pulling
  • Using a journal to relieve the tension and dissatisfaction that often causes you to pull
  • Setting goals and tracking your eyelash growth progress
  • How to deal with setbacks in your eyelash pulling treatment
  • Alternative methods to cure eyelash pulling and developing eyelash pulling cures
  • How speak with friends and family about your eyelash pulling condition
  • The success habits ex-eyelash pullers DO and DON’T do
  • Diet and natural remedies to relieve irritation and encourage eyelash growth
  • Facts about eyelash re-growth: will eyelashes grow back, how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back, why you eat your eyelashes, etc
  • A collection of effective eyelash pulling therapy methods, all together in one place
  • Using natural remedies to treat eyelash pulling, such as reiki, yoga and meditation
  • Hearing from other eyelash pullers’ experiences
  • Resources and sources of inspiration to treat your eyelash trichotillomania
  • And much more…

But what makes the Trich Stop eyelash pulling treatment so different from other treatment systems or therapies?


Everyone’s eyelash pulling condition is distinctive and the Trich Stop kit allows you to try various methods until you find the right one for you, designing a personalized system that works just for your eyelash pulling condition.


The Trich Stop Kit goes one step further by combining activities to stop eyelash pulling with all-natural, essential oils to help you stop pulling out your eyelashes and eyebrows.

You’ll find everything you need for your eyelash pulling treatment, all in one place and ready to use.

Along with the Trich Stop Manual, you’ll receive our specially formulated Trich Stop eyelash oil. This oil is completely natural and is used to calm the follicles, decrease itching, encourage eyelash regrowth and as behavior modification. You won’t find the completeness of the Trich Stop method anywhere else. It was what I searched for when I was trying to cure my eyelash pulling habit. And the thing I couldn’t find. This was THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT CONTRIBUTED TO MY SUCCESS, and it is available for you too.

The ‘Trich Stop’ Stop Eyelash Pulling Kit

No empty promises, just a positive vibe and methods that work! The Trich Stop kit includes:


A 200+ page guide for stopping your eyelash pulling habit

with methods, therapies, ideas, tips, a guide to give your friends and family and a workbook


for stopping your eyelash pulling habit

A 10 ml bottle of Trich Stop oil

made with all natural essential oils to soothe and stimulate eyelash follicles and encourage eyelash growth

Recommended reading and resources

Trich Stop Manual and Hairgrowth Oil

This is kit that will help you stop your eyelash pulling TODAY

You get a complete system for $26.97!! That’s right, stop pulling your eyelashes for just $26.97!
(or $24.97 if you opt for digital delivery!)

moneyOur 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Trial the Trich Stop Kit for 30 days.If after seeing the improvements in your appearance, you aren’t completely satisfied, then simply return everything to us for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, then simply return everything to us for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. I feel so strongly that you will benefit so much from the Trich Stop kit that I am prepared to give you a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. After all, this is about helping you be SUCCESSFUL at not pulling your eyelashes. If you aren’t successful, I’m not successful. So you see, you really have nothing to lose.

One Final Thought Before You Decide
Let me be honest: being an eyelash puller is a hard road. But with a positive attitude and the knowledge and tools with you, you CAN STOP PULLING YOUR EYELASHES. This is not wishful thinking. It’s possible to treat eyelash trichotillomania. And I’ve put all the tools together in one place for you.

Some of the questions I am asked about the Trich Stop System:

How quickly will I start seeing the results?

As soon as you get started you will experience an immediate curb in your pulling behavior. Once you put a few methods in place and start using the oil you should start to see growth within a few weeks. The most important thing is to have knowledge and methods that will allow you to make sure that you are successful for the long haul.

How does the Trich Stop System work?

The Trich Stop System works by combining cognitive behavior therapy and all natural homeopathic remedies.

Can I return my order if I’m not satisfied?

Yes you can. Just send us back any unwanted items and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Why should I pay you? I can do this on my own.

Perhaps you can. But it will probably take you the same amount of time and resources as it did me. There is no substitute for experience, and I’ve been pull free for over 8 years, researching how it is to be done and spending a lot of time and money to perfect the kit you will receive.

What is so special about what you do?

Well, for one, it’s all based on actual results. With all of the mistakes and learning ironed out, so what you get is proven methods designed to help you succeed. And for another – well, I have been there, and have lived the depression, the frustration, and the difficulties. The entire kit is built with you, as a fellow puller in mind.

I can find all of this information on the Internet.

You could indeed spend time and money reading up on different methods, talking to others and doing the research, figuring out which methods work. Like I did. But why do that when I’ve brought it all together for you in one place as a valuable resource you can use over and over again?

I can mix my own oils, I don’t need yours.

Yes you can. But first you will need to experiment as I have done over the years to find the optimum mix. And unless you are making your own oils and purchasing them from someone you know, you don’t know the quality of store bought ingredients. And in homeopathy, the quality of the ingredients matters. In addition, unless you are purchasing in very large bulk quantities, you will spend a lot more money. I can make the Trich Stop Oil affordable because I am making large quantities.

Will the results last?

Re-lapses may happen, and are part of the process. However with the kit you will have fewer and fewer relapses until soon enough you are completely pull free. You will have the on-going knowledge of how to beat trich as well as how to deal with relapses. And once you have this knowledge you can continue to apply it whenever you need it.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use the Trich Stop Oil?

The Trich Stop Oil is made of all natural oils, extracts and essences, and has no chemical ingredients, so it is safe for all users. If you any questions about specific allergies or ingredients, please feel free to email us at

I don’t want anyone to know that I am using your products.

We totally understand and have made sure that all of our packaging is discreet. The Trich Stop Oil has no label so that you can use it anywhere without anyone knowing what it is for. The shipping packaging in equally discreet, with no branding or obvious identification.

Let's recap. For $24.97 you will stop pulling your eyelashes and you will learn:

  • How to put together your own personalized system that’s right for you, including workbook pages to help you apply the knowledge
  • Simple ways to identify when and why you pull
  • How to use hypnosis to alter your actions
  • How to use visualization
  • Using a journal to relieve stress and frustration
  • Setting goals and tracking progress
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Hearing from other’s experiences
  • How to talk to your family and friends about your condition
  • What habits successful ex-pullers DO and DON’T do
  • Diet and natural remedies to relieve irritation and encourage hair growth
  • Facts about hair re-growth: will eyelashes grow back, how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back, why you eat them, etc
  • A collection of effective therapists’ methods, all in one place
  • Using natural methods such as yoga and reiki
  • Alternative methods and developing cures
  • Resources and sources of inspiration
  • And much more…

I just wanted to share how far I’ve come. After paying thousands of dollars elsewhere, I’m amazed how the combination of your book, journaling, vitamins, and the oil has helped me to stay on track. I have been taking the vitamins for the time of month, bc I felt myself getting antsy and analytic a few weeks back, so I have almost made it through that. I’ve even been able to get through the times that used to be high times for me, like driving home, watching tv on the couch, and completing work to meet deadlines, without it being a conscious effort. It’s a great feeling to come this far again, and I feel like I can go even further this time. I look in the mirror now and am happier with myself. I still analyze a little when the make up is gone, but it’s not a trance like I used to get sucked into. I hit that little bump back in the day when I emailed you last feeling discouraged and like I wasn’t going to make it [and you worked with me through that] and here I am on day 45. It feels good and I just wanted to share my success so far. Thank you for sharing your method of success.


Things are going great so far. I always picked at my eyelashes and recently started with the eyebrows. I have been a puller for about 20 years and recently it has taken a big leap from bad to horrible. I tried everything from medication, counseling and hypnosis! It felt good to talk about it because I was embarrassed about it but it didn’t stop me from pulling. Medication sorta worked but I felt like a zombie!!! Hypnosis didn’t work at all. With the oil product I purchased, I put some on in the morning and the feeling to pull is lowered. BUT I pull more at night when I’m relaxing and watching TV!! So at night I put the bottle of oil in my pocket and put it on as I feel the urge to pull. So far it has worked and I’m feeling better about myself. My wife compliments me everyday and gives me the confidence boost I need. So far, I love it!!!! 🙂


Amy, Thank you so much. Your words, encouragement and support, not to mention the tools that you provide mean the world to me. We are finding some quiet space to begin this new approach and healing process today and I plan to share some of your thoughts from this email with her. I appreciate your support in sharing more with her about her condition. My “gut” was telling me do so and I just needed some affirmation that this was the next best approach. I like the use of the term condition (not disorder.) It will be more gentle to her. I may take advantage of the “buddy” system in the future. I am not on facebook but can visit the site using a friends password. Thank you again for your wisdom!


Hi Amy. Thank-you for checking up on me and seeing how I am doing, its feels good to have someone that has faith in me stopping. I am going pretty good. The last two days I have been under a lot of pressure and have noticed myself pulling a little but when I notice I am doing it I try so hard to stop the temptation by distracting myself. Other than those few times, I have not pulled since I have started using this kit. Thank-you heaps again.


Hi-I don’t usually leave feedback, but I feel I must for this product. It did work very well for me. I’m so pleased someone actually did the research and created a product that works, especially with sensitive eyes. I recommend this product to anyone who has an issue with pulling their eye lashes. Mine are growing in nice and thick and I no longer have irritation at the base of my lashes and therefore no urge to tug at my lashes.