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Just a few of the many warm comments we have received since 2013

We are proud of what our users have to say. Read the comments users and their families have sent us about their experience with the Trich Stop trichotillomania treatment.

Satisfied Trich Stop Customer“My daughter has stopped pulling her eyelashes”

“After using your products for 2 weeks, my 8 year old daughter stopped pulling her eyelashes. You cured her, I am forever grateful.  Thank you so much Amy. We also loved getting the product in an envelope from France….it felt so very special and it was worth the wait!” – Christine

“Beautifully, sensitively and optimistically written”

“Thank you so much for your quick reply. The material is so beautifully, sensitively, and optimistically written that I felt as I read it that it could be very helpful and bonding to read together. As my husband started picking his lip at age 10 and I began skin picking at the same age (not to stop for over 35 years), we can perhaps somewhat relate to his experience; however, your system offers what we didn’t have available to us at his age. I am so grateful for the help it has already provided.” – Amy

“I’ve read the book and it’s helped already” – Abby

“Thank you for your book on trichotillomania. I found it really helpful.” -Craig

“I am now able to go without wearing a hairpiece thanks to you”

“Hi Amy I just wanted to let you know that I am now able to go without wearing a hairpiece thanks to you! It’s been 18 years!” – Tauna

“I’m learning so many new things from your book. So thank you for writing it and sharing it.” – Carley Rose

“Thank you for sharing your story. The more my husband and I open up about what our family is going through, the more people we learn who are affected by trichotillomania and who never knew it was a condition or how to get help. I appreciate your contribution to break the stigma and to encourage people with trich that there is help and success on the other side.” – Josie

“Thanks for checking on me. I’m coming along fine. I haven’t pulled in a few weeks so that’s a plus! Thanks for the encouragement as well!” – Daphne

“I was SO relieved when I started using your product and see how it helps me”

“It’s a gamble on which website could help and be beneficial more than just out for money but I was SO relieved when I started using your product and see how it helped me! You truly are my hero. Those who don’t suffer from this disorder don’t realize what a huge deal it is to actually stop this especially when everything I tried and read said there is no cure or it wouldn’t work. So thank you again for putting in so many hours of research and study. You are amazing and a miracle worker in my book!” – Jacob

“I have suffered with this disorder since I was 8 and I am 60 now! I wish I had known about all this so many years ago but so grateful I found you now. I will be sure and post my comments! You are truly a Godsend🙏” – Charlene

“I liked your book and put some routines in place already! I’m also part of the TLC community and I really appreciated your synopsis of everything that’s out there and personal experiences!” – Karin

“Thank you so much for the Parent’s Guide you sent me and for the other resources you provide. I will continue to learn more about this topic and do what I can to help my daughter. I appreciate your guidance.” – Amber

“I appreciate it, and also for the time and care you invested into making this product.” Rach

“I was so relieved and feeling a huge weight off my back as I noticed how much was improving.” – Kristine